CBA14: From local solutions to global action

Join us online for the 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change. It’s the chance to meet fellow practitioners, listen to local perspectives and share experiences of effective solutions for building resilience to climate change.

An irrigation pond

A village irrigation project in Madegascar (Photo: Rod Waddington via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

COVID-19 has made this year like no other. The 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA14) in 2020 will be very much the same and yet fundamentally different: we’re going fully digital.

CBA14 will take place online from 21-25 September 2020, and during the weeks leading up to this event, our online CBA conference platform will create fantastic opportunities to meet and network with other practitioners, catch up on the latest ideas and hear about activities on the ground that are working to put people at the centre of adaptation.

Register for CBA14

Over five days in September, there’ll be opportunities to build your capacity and skills, learn from others’ tools and approaches and present your own, and join workshops and dialogues unpacking and delving into key issues. Perfect your project pitch in the Dragon’s Den or suggest a topic for an open space roundtable. We’re planning plenty of sessions and are looking to you, our diverse community of practice, to suggest the conversations and working solutions you would like to lead and share.

CBA14 is the only conference that focuses on community-based adaptation, putting the people most vulnerable to climate change at the centre of the conversation.

We’re calling on practitioners, community representatives, local and national government planners, researchers, policymakers and donors to come together. People committed to making change happen, ready to translate talk into action to achieve a climate-resilient future.  

CBA brings together the CBA community who is collectively seeking to reimagine solutions that enable transformative outcomes, through the agency of communities driving climate action. It provides an innovative and interactive space that enables the network to drive global ambition for a climate resilient future through:

  • inclusive, gender-transformative and meaningful engagement
  • sharing and collaborating around good practice and challenging assumptions
  • drawing on evidence to inform the scalability of effective approaches, and
  • influencing and shaping decision making processes.

Benefits of attending       

A digital CBA14 doesn’t mean that you have to have state of the art equipment: you will be able to join the conference and participate through any laptop or a smartphone app.   

We’ve got a packed and exciting agenda – check out the interactive online programme.

Flexible delivery

We are building a programme that can be delivered in ways to suit your schedule. You can join conference sessions live or download session videos and then contribute to the ongoing discussions online.

Learning opportunities

The conference videos and presentations will provide a valuable learning resource for practitioners and policymakers alike. At CBA14, you will be able to learn directly from those working on adaptation on the ground, as participants share examples of projects, evidence, tools, approaches through the marketplace, skillshares, and workshop sessions. We will be delivering our hugely popular Dragon’s Den sessions, which focus on developing strong funding proposals.

We will also be delivering our hugely popular Dragon’s Den sessions, which focus on developing strong funding proposals.

We will issue training certificates to participants who have completed sessions in the CBA capacity building track.

Maximum networking

CBA conferences draw a wide range of people, from grassroots organisations to policymakers. In this year of cancelled in-person meetings, CBA will be one of the few places where South-South networks will have a chance to connect – both with colleagues from the global South and with major development partners.

Having the conference online allows us to bring together a wider, more diverse group, and can make it easier for you to contact the people you want to meet.

The programme structure is built around networking: we will be hosting online ‘meet-and-greet’ events in the run-up to the conference, and you will have the opportunity to connect online with leading practitioners from our community and others. We are keeping numbers limited so that session numbers are small enough to allow meaningful conversations.

You can use the search tools and message boards to identify colleagues working on similar issues and connect with them directly on the platform.

Read more about how we will ensure that capacity building and community networking stay at the heart of CBA14. 

We admit – taking the CBA magic online is an experiment! But we’re confident that CBA in 2020 will generate creative ways to interact  and learn,  provide a platform for the views of all participants, act as a testing ground for ideas and generate that familiar CBA buzz.  

Dates for your diary

21 July 2020 – setting the stage

We know this is new, so we hosted an event, 'CBA14 – Setting the stage: from crisis to climate action', on 21 July 2020 to offer a flavour of what’s in store and to ignite the conversations that will shape CBA14. Read more about this event. 

June 30 - Carry on the conversation on weADAPT

We’re also opening the conversation to everyone through our CBA network on the weADAPT platform. Find out more on how you can join the conversation. 

Early September – Say hello!

We’re creating the chance to meet up with and get to know a little bit more about fellow participants – virtually, of course. There’ll be online ‘meet and greets’ for participants, starting in September with leading practitioners from our community and others.

21-25 September – CBA14 conference 

Choose from a full and varied programme of sessions. Find out more about the programme content and register.

The programme

CBA14 will focus on five key themes and will aim to address these questions: 

1. Climate finance: how can public and private sector finance be accountably and transparently mobilised to scale up climate action, while remaining inclusive? 

2. Adaptation technology: how can technology be used to bring about adaptation at national level, and be integrated through policy and finance?  

3. Responsive policy: how can social movements inform policy that is ambitious enough to meet the Paris Agreement targets and improve climate adaptation for communities?

4. Nature-based solutions: how can nature-based solutions be made to work for people, nature and climate?

5. Youth stream: how can we transform our institutions so that they can take advantage of young people’s participation in delivering local level adaptation?

We want you to help design the programme for CBA14. You can submit proposals for sessions, skill shares or the marketplace and collaborate with other organisations to develop them.

CBA14 virtual – why now?

The CBA community – and particularly community-based partners – has been clear that the messages that will be gathered at CBA14, derived from real practice and experience, are needed more than ever, to make sure that climate policy is based on local experience and local knowledge.

COVID-19 may have caused disruption in 2020, but climate change will cause even greater disruption in the years ahead – unless we spend time now exploring workable ways to adapt and build resilience.

It is essential that the perspectives of practitioners are heard at the upcoming Climate Adaptation Summit, the 18th Development and Climate Days, the UNFCCC COP26 and future Climate Action Weeks. CBA14 is committed to creating the space where those perspectives can be developed, amplified, and carried forward by our community of practitioners. 

How can I support CBA14? 

The funds from the registration fees make the sponsorship scheme possible, help us expand our outreach, cover the costs of the online platform and tools, support the secretariat in making CBA more than just a conference and keep the community alive throughout the year. Although going virtual minimises on-the-ground expenses, such as venue and catering, putting on an event like CBA requires a lot of time from a dedicated team. 

We are committed to an experience that facilitates meaningful engagement and not simply participation. Our time goes into bringing in a wide network of partners together and exploring all the ways we can make the online experience purposeful and worthwhile. Going virtual is new to our community and we are taking the risk to experiment. The learnings from this experience will be of value to all and by registering to CBA you are investing in this collective experiment for our community. 

We are seeking conference partners who can contribute expertise, strategic thinking, publicity and funds. CBA is not part of a large organisation with access to large amounts of unrestricted funds, and we rely on our community of partners to put this event together.

Taking into account the funds saved from your initial travel budget lines, please consider investing in this process with us by contributing your financial support. Your organisation can support financially or in-kind in a way that works for you. If you are interested in becoming a donor, a host or contributing partner, please email CBA programme manager Teresa Sarroca (

What does it cost and how do I register?

We want to make CBA14 as inclusive as possible. We want to bring people together from all walks of life to share their lived experiences of climate challenges and community adaptation activities. To enable this to happen, we’ve created a sliding scale pricing scheme from £50 to £300 that addresses the expense of organising a major event, but also minimises the cost for as many people as possible.That means we are asking those who can to pay a little more, so that we can provide sponsorship for those who may not have the resources to attend. 

No need this year to think about visas, accommodation and travel logistics. But do register early so you can secure your place. 

CBA14 may be different but its values and spirit remain the same – join us!

About the organisers 

CBA14 is funded by the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, Irish Aid, the Global Resilience Partnership, the Global Commission on Adaptation and IIED, and organised with co-hosts CARE and Practical Action, in collaboration with the contributing partners BRAC, the Huariou Commission, Green Africa Youth, IUCN NL, Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility, African Centre for Trade and Development and Slum Dwellers International.

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