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28 March 2011

The 5th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change, takes place in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 24th to 31st March 2011. Saleemul Huq will be keeping us updated from the conference in a series of daily video logs.

Wednesday 30th March: Today’s lively and engaging discussions addressed some of the issues around scaling up. We covered a range of topics including: disaster risk reduction, drylands, ecosystems, climate resilience, health, and knowledge management. There is a growing interest from many people including senior academics, and the challenge now is to synthesize all the knowledge, analysis and examples into a future book on community based adaptation.

Tuesday 29th March: Today saw discussions on issues such as, agriculture, the economics of CBA, urban areas, tools for adaptation, and frameworks for measuring adaptation. A focus on effective communication was present throughout. We then had an evening of films and presentations led by the British Council and their team of climate champions.

Monday March 28th: It was the first day of the conference and during the inaugural session, the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina attended to officially launch the CBA5 conference. The participants were then able to attend the sessions, the first of which looked at the definition of key terms and concepts. Participants then attended a series of sessions that looked at adaptive capacity, water governance, climate adaptation and gender.

Sunday March 27th: Participants are now back in Dhaka from their various field trips ready for the conference. The Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina will attend the inaugural session tomorrow morning and will officially launch the proceedings with her welcome address. The main theme guiding the conference is 'scaling up' Community-Based Adaptation projects.

Saturday March 26th: It is day three of the Community Based Adaptation conference, participants have now spent a night out in the field visiting and learning from various communities. We will be adding photos and additional video logs to allow everyone to share in the sights and sounds. There will be a feedback session later in the week to share their views, comments, critiques and lessons learned. In this video Saleemul Huq addresses the question: what is community based adaptation?

Friday March 25th: At around 7:00am this morning 200 international participants departed from their respective hotels towards the 8 different field sites dotted across Bangladesh. The participants will be spending around 2 days with local communities and the respective NGOs and partners that are working on CBA projects. These field site visits will highlight the difficulties faced by the local communities living in drought prone areas, flood plain areas and faced with salinity and river erosion.

Thursday March 24th: Over 200 people from all over the world arrived in Dhaka to attend the 5th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation hosted by IIED and BCAS. Saleemul Huq delivers his first video log in what will be a series of daily logs that will aim to cover the highlights of the conference. Tomorrow the participants head off to 8 different field sites and we hope to post video interviews directly from those sites. For those of you that could not attend, we hope that these daily logs will provide you with the space to hear and see what we are doing here in Dhaka.


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