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  • People installing solar panels in a field

    Accelerating energy access with aggregation

    Our ‘Insights’ series highlights links between business and sustainability. Our latest study looks at access to energy, and focuses on the potential for financial aggregation to channel funds to millions of off-grid energy projects

    13 November 2019 | Article | Energy
  • Just 0.03 per cent of the money spent annually on fossil fuel subsidies could provide 200 million people in cities with access to the grid (Photo: Pexels, via Google licence)

    Action from UN's Habitat III key to lift urban millions out of poverty

    Nearly 200 million people are living in cities around the world with no access to electricity – most are in sub-Saharan Africa. The lack of something so basic and necessary is keeping them in poverty and hindering cities’ potential to be the economic powerhouses they can be

    17 October 2016 | News | Energy
  • Power and politics in Nigeria

    In the run up to Nigeria’s April elections the political lobbying, with the usual round of underhand payments for support, has Nigerians hoping for a fairer competition in the grab for power. The political process is being increasingly scrutinised by the average citizen — with record numbers of people registering to vote and self-formed citizens groups promising to monitor polling stations. Another type of power — electricity, or ‘light’ as most Nigerians call it — and the lack of it is one of the hot potato election issues on everyone’s lips.

    24 February 2011 | Blog | Governance
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