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  • A carpenter uses a jointer powered by a mini-grid

    Productive uses of energy to jumpstart livelihoods

    Stimulating productive uses of energy is critical to catalyse income-generating activities and for the sustainability of energy systems, especially in rural communities

    9 December 2020 | Article | Energy
  • People putting up solar panels

    Inclusive finance for universal energy access

    The financing gap for universal energy access (Sustainable Development Goal 7) is persistent and enormous. IIED is exploring how finance instruments and models can be better calibrated to achieve energy for all

    13 November 2019 | Article | Economics
  • Provocation 6: Rural youth today, farmers tomorrow?

    This seminar is the sixth in a series being initiated by the IIED /HIVOS Knowledge Programme: Small Producer Agency in Globalised Markets.

    24 May 2012 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Just how inclusive is ‘inclusive business’?

    Discussion at the latest of the IIED-Hivos ‘provocations’ in Brussels last week (22 June) suggests that the first step in assessing how ‘pro-poor’ business contributes to development and smallholder empowerment, is to understand what we mean by the word ‘inclusive’.

    27 June 2011 | Article |
  • Provocation 1: Producer agency and the agenda to make markets work for the poor

    The first of a series of ‘provocative seminars’ on smallholders and the ‘pro-poor markets’ agenda took place in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 28th September 2010. Local and international participants gathered to discuss a series of questions put forward by ‘provocateurs’ from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    9 November 2010 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • RIP BoP?

    Last month C Prahalad, co-author of the high profile Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) approach died. What of his legacy in big business realising the untapped fortune at the ‘bottom’ - the poorest 4 billion?

    19 September 2010 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • Markets for environmental services case studies

    This project explored how market-based approaches to environmental management can help reduce poverty, as well as satisfying economic and environmental aims

    8 May 2008 | Project | Forests
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